Two weeks...

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Oh God! I have to submit in two weeks time, no extensions or begging for anymore time - my supervisor has had enough of that lol. I still feel like I have endless corrections to do and need to get the thing proof read :( How many of you got family and friends to proof read and how many professional? I would like to get it professionally done but time and finances are really stretched now...

I still feel like my thesis is garbage, littered with errors and not up to standard, but I've heard that's a common feeling so trying to ignore it...


I just proof read it myself once it was printed- easier to spot errors that way.

I'm sure your thesis will be fine lemon juice!


Good luck :D


Good luck to you! I'm right at the end and have a really too short thesis... I'm hoping to get what I have written in really good shape, so I'm paying another PhD student who has already submitted to proofread it for me. I just think that if I can make it polished enough, and with the arguments in my main chapters being pretty good, then I'll be in a stronger position. They may ask me to write some more, but at least what I have won't be unacceptable!

Though today, I looked on our thesis repository and opened up a published PhD thesis from my department. I noticed a mistake in the first line of the abstract!! So, I guess the odd thing doesn't matter too much ;)


I'm in a similar position and have ran out of time to make it 'polished'. One of my supervisors was trying to freak me out by saying 'a thesis should have no more than two typos I can see dozens' I think he was just making stuff up though as he is an odd man, everyone I know has gone to their viva with a list of typos they have found after submission! I think as long as your methods are clear, your stats are appropriate and your argument is sensible it's all fine!


Hey lemonjuice,

I also have to submit by end of Sept, and so far I'm still finishing up the last bits of writing. I think the polishing part will be very rushed for me, so I plan to just read through the entire thing once for a good proofread. I'm hoping that will be enough since it's about all I'll have time for! Good luck with the next week or so, I don't know about you guys but I am so excited that this part is almost over!! :)



I submitted mine a month or so ago, and I didn't really feel anything to be honest! Actually I'm sat here now reading new papers that have come out in the last month and adding them into my thesis... I'm supposed to be writing a paper, not messing about with my thesis, but until I have actually had my viva and made the final examiners corrections, I still feel like I can improve it, or at least make it as up to date as possible. I know this makes no difference whatsoever to anyone else but me, but I still want to do it...

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Thanks all for your replies :)

I had a bad day yesterday and ended up doing anxiety has kicked I'm panic working again lol! I've decided to ask friends and family to proof read one chapter each as I don't want to over burden anyone. I know once I submit I'll probably start beating myself up for not working/trying harder but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it haha


I think asking friends and family to proof read is a good idea Lemonjuice. Have you considered paying for some proof reading (if you are able to) for a couple of your chapters? I understand that there will not be enough time for the whole thesis to be professionally proof read, but maybe a chapter or two that you feel less confident about?



when you have a bad day, cut your loses and take some time off to clear off your head.
I used all three options for proof reading: native English friend, native English supervisor and professional services. The friend outperformed supervisors (not too much time) and professionals (did not understand the context) because he was working on a similar topic