UK Students wanting to study overseas


I'm currently doing my year in industry and should graduate in 2004 at Swansea University, Wales. I plan to do a PhD but would like to do it abroad. I was wondering when and where I should apply for funding. I would also like to know more about applying for a PhD abroad, where would I get this info from?
Lastly, is there more competition for applying for a PhD internationally?


Hello mate, i did my placment year in the US and felt hat i would want to go back to do my PhD there. Although i could have gone back to the same place with 'funding' there are a number of things to consider. In the US for example, you MUST do a MSc first (2 years!!) before your PhD (5 years!!) - thats 7 years


As far as funding goes (i can only comment on the US), you would usually be a TA (teachers assisstant) which pays really well (~$1000 a month) but is a lot of work. Get a good group and the money will be there though


How about applying for a British based PhD that includes some research time overseas? Might be a way to overcome your funding problem? Good luck :o)


Try Google. Good luck.


well I hope she did because she graduated 3 years ago.