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Hi forum readers... I could do with your advice on how to handle the 3 job interviews I've got next week for lecturing positions. Although I am happy that these interviews came just in time before I lost my mind, I don't have much confidence left to be honest as I had to apply for so many non-academic jobs (all-levels) and received over 200 rejections in the last 5 months. Still keep getting rejected by even the simples jobs you can imagine (yeah, the usual you're over-qualified / not commercial enough / you'll leave us when you get an academic job / you gonna take my job in a year / you left your PhD out on CV but it came up on google search haha! / you'll be bored in this position/ we need a more junior person etc etc type of feedback.

Then suddenly in the last month, out of blue, academic jobs in my field started to be advertised again. I know this is the right time for the academic jobs but for the last 2 years there weren't any appropriate for me advertised. Anyway, after seeing the light, I started to apply for academic jobs again, and so far I received 3 invitations out of 8 job applications. Who knows, I might hear from the others too. But as I said in the beginning, my self confidence is shaken badly, and I really don't want to mess up these interviews.

On all of the job descriptions, "PhD or similar" was stated under the essential criteria, so the subject will come up at the interview naturally. I mentioned on my application that I submitted my thesis 8 months ago. Had my viva a few months ago, given major corrections to resubmit, but without another viva or further examination in any form, so that's cool. Although the thought of my PhD still hanging was a big disappointment for me at the time, I now see it as an opportunity to better my thesis, so it's all good. But I don't know how to word this at the interview. So, any tips on this or the interview process generally from your experience would be very much appreciated.


I can empathise with you 404. I have only been unemployed for 6 weeks but the whole job application/ interview process had badly knocked my confidence. Getting rejection after rejection at any job level was hard. I kept thinking why is everyone better than me. I think there is a lot of luck to the whole interview process ie how well u gel with the interviewer anfd who else is interviewing. You can only try your best, buts its hard not to take it personally when you dont get it and you build your hopes u.

As you have technically passed it i would not make a big issue of it. You could say you passed it with corrections and u are well on the way to resubmitting and this will not effect your job if you were offered it.

Good luck for next week, i have an interview too so fingers crossed.


Good luck (up):-)


Good luck - wishing you all the best! :)


Thank you for the kind words Treefrog. I have just seen your thread and read about the job situation. Good luck with the postdoc job next week. Let us know how it goes.

Thank you Memo / Chrisrolinski. I'll need the luck ;-)


Good luck 404!


Fingers crossed for you 404. Advice I was given for academic interviews was to make sure you convey what YOU will add to the department. Obviously your own topic but are you willing to play an active part in the dept; teach other classes etc? Read some recent papers by people in the department you are being interviewed for. Try to get a handle on current work and ongoing projects the department is involved in, even if they would not directly involve you.

Best of luck :-)


Good luck that's great news especially in current situation! You can do it and have obviously got a good CV to have so many interviews! I would suggest to know your area really well (both specifics and the broad area) and how you fit into the dept's research and overall environment. As you have passed your viva you don't need to bring up the issue of corrections. If anyone asks just say you are doing them and they'll be done soon.


Wishing you all the very best for your interviews next week 404. Don't put yourself under too much pressure - you're obviously a great candidate with a cracking CV so draw confidence from that. Good advice from the others about reading manuscripts from the group you're visiting - scientists always love hearing that you've enjoyed reading their work! good luck


Thank you all for the good advice and encouragement. Reading those papers now.


All the best for your interview, 404! :-)