Unfinished PhD


Hi talented community,
I started my PhD 5 years ago in Physics field in Germany. At first my Professor tried to challenge some work, and we spent almost 3 years in long experiments. After 3 years we realized that we obtained the same results. Then we switched to another experiment which took one year more and another Professor told us that these experiments are of no real importance. Then in fifth year I did again some different experiments and my Professor told me that the results are correct but not justifiable.
Now there is no publications.
If I apply for job and told them about unfinished PhD then it creates negative impression. So how could I apply for another PhD. If I hide this PhD in my CV then there will be 5 years gap. If the next PhD position requires two potential references, I don’t have any. And of course I can’t ask the current Professor to be reference.
I would be happy to have your suggestions?


I am not sure where the problems lie. Same results? No real importance? Results correct but not justifiable? As long as you generate data and can tie it to your hypothesis, you should be able to submit a thesis and graduate either with a PhD or at least an MPhil.

Can you try to salvage what you have and submit your thesis? Even getting a MPhil is better than nothing. If you intend to leave, five years gap is hard to explain