This is probably a stupid question, but here goes. I have some questions re writing units.

Having for example 5mg/l...do you write it 5 mg/l or 5mg/l...i.e. is there a space between 5 and mg. Also is the l for liter capital or not? Thank you


I have added a space between the number and the units ie 5 mg/l rather than 5mg/l.  The reason I have done this is the distinguish between the number and the unit as in some cases it can be ambiguous. For example, in my thesis I have litres per minute expressed as l/min.  If I have no space the number can be misinterpreted ie 2.5 l/min or 2.5l/min so the L can look the letter or the number one. I have seen the capital L being used for L/min and I beleive either can be used. I cannot quote the official ruling as journals can be specific as can uni regs for theses.


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Thanks for this thread. This question was bothering me for a good while, but I've never thought of looking the SI unit page up for this.

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