update.... after the thesis....


I finished my PhD late last summer and have been teaching at a university part-time since then. I have been on a temporary contract and that expires in a matter of weeks. I simply cannot find any other academic posts or postdocs (and I have applied for the few that come up)... so I think I have come to the end of my academic route for the time being. It's awfully hard to do the last few weeks of the lecturing with this on my mind. I know I have been very lucky to get even this temporary contract but it is rather sad. My field(s) has been decimated by the cuts and will take years to recover if indeed it does. I will be very sad to empty out my office.

Still I am looking into teaching as a career now and am making plans to do the neccesary application steps for that. So wish me luck. :)

Still glad I did the PhD though, sometimes, I am trying to get a book proposal accepted with a press, and that would be exciting if it is! :)

Best of luck to you all!


I wondered what had happened to you! I'm sorry your post is coming to an end and hope something comes up for you soon.

Best of luck to you!


Chrisrolinksi, which subject (broadly speaking) are you in?

As ph.d is a matter of passion and perhaps in the next future academic position will show up. Keep going to study and write, though !


Good luck for the future, both with the teaching, and the book possibility.

Will you try to keep your hand in at all in the academic field? I can't work at all due to progressive neurological disease (severely disabling), but I'm turning my PhD thesis into more journal papers. It takes very little time. Or at least I'm spending very little time on it :p