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I am new here. A good friend recommended this forum. I graduated with 2:1 in my bachelor from my country in Africa and got an offer to do my masters in the UK and I graduated with a pass. Can I get a PhD position still in the UK ? I have gotten sponsorship from my country.


Any advice?


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I imagine so but you need to ask around and find out what requirements are in the place you wish to study. I think the fact that you have sponsorship probably means you wouldn't have any problems securing a place.

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You should be able to find a PhD role in the UK if you have already secured funding. Generally the biggest obstacle for doing a PhD is funding and you have cleared that, so don't worry. A pass in your Master's doesn't look good but you can compensate for that in an interview. Goodluck!


Thanks for your contributions


Thanks once more for your contributions. Presently, I am still searching for schools. My bachelor was electrical and electronics engineering while my msc was in mechatronics and robotics. In case you have any school that can accept me. Thanks


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