URGENT: Last Tipps before submission?


I am going to print, bind and submit my thesis tomorrow. I've re-read it a million times. As everybody knows, the more you read it, the more doubts you get. The more I read, the more I think it's rubbish. My supervision team has given me the green light. I checked all page numbers, headlines, Appendices in the right order, reference format and everything. Is there anything else I should check.

Thanks for any help.


Sounds like it will be fine. As you already know, EVERYONE thinks their thesis is rubbish! It's not. Good luck:-)

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I don't really know, being in second year. Maybe errors such as typing 'form' rather than 'from', as they don't come up in spelling checks.

Most importantly remember to hand it in, then have a nice relaxing day! Congratulations for getting so far!


Hi Jouri,
I know how you feel. I printed out my thesis today and will take it to get bound tomorrow morning. I just couldn't look at it anymore because even thoguh my supervisor said it's fine, I keep seeing the weaknesses. I feared that I would make it worse by going over it again so just hit the print button. I had loads of tables and graphs in my thesis so one check I did was to make sure that the pagination was ok - i.e. that diagrams and tables didn't go over more than one page etc. If you've checked your references, page numbers, table of contents, appendices, footnotes then I reckon yo should just print it out and try and forget about it! Good luck! Keep us posted with how it goes.


My only tip would be to arrange something fun to do in the evening to celebrate and relax. Congratulations on submitting.



Check your name, your supervisor's name, and the title are correct, then leave well alone.

Congratulations on being ready to print!


Oh, and check that you haven't written 'Tipps' anywhere in your methods. Unless it's about chimps advertising tea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PG_Tips#Advertising)



Congratulations Jouri! I hope this difficult journey is near an end for you now :-) Krashty's tips seem very sensible. Good luck for your viva, etc! Let us know how it goes.