Viva in 2 weeks


Hi all

So I regret doing a PhD but having got this far naturally want to pass. I submitted in June and have found it difficult to even look at my work since.

What makes me nervous is I don't get on with my supervisor _ no real help. And he advised me to submit a year ago when the thesis was definitely not upto standard. Sometimes wish I had just submitted and failed then and just got on with my life

So my thesis consists of 5 chapters. I have read over thev3 experimental chapters. They are good in my opinion and the findings are novel and contribute to the lit.

The intro is too long but fairly well written. The discussion is also too long. Parts are very hold. Other parts are poor.

The formatting and appendices are fine.

Is this enough to pass with corrections. I feel I do need to edit the dis and intro and would be happy to receive that as a correction.

What's your opinion ; is this standard what I have described enough to pass with corrections?

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Hi Dontcareanymore,

Every viva is different and I can't tell you what to expect. However, I don't know anyone who failed with decent data chapters. The data chapeters are the "meat" of your thesis and if they are solid you thesis is likely passable. I wouldn't worry too much about your intro or formatting because fixing them would be definition of corrections in my opinion. Revise and resubmit or straight fail is if your results/methodology/conclusions have severe flaws and don't constitute a contribution to your field.



Thank you for taking the time to reply rewt.

Your reply reassures me. It is what I hoped to believe. But . Its a weird spot to be in 2 weeks from viva. Lot of nerves and the feeling that I shouldn't count my chikens. Impossible for me to be objective at this stage.