VIVA next week


all i can say is aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . i'm so nervous that i cant study through my work


Oh good luck!

Have you looked at any viva preparation books? I was pretty scared until I opened up Tinkler & Jackson's book, which demystified the whole process for me, and made me feel a lot calmer.


Hi Bilbo. . i cant remember what i looked at anymore, maybe i did at some point. I am trying to come up with some questions and answer them . . then i will read through my thesis. other than that i dont know what to do. Did u do the same? or did u do something else?


I read through my thesis about 3 weeks before the viva, summarising it in the way Tinkler & Jackson recommend, so I engaged with it a bit more actively. I'm a *very* slow reader BTW (due to brain damage and serious illness) so had to take ages to work through this stage!

I didn't bother with long lists of potential viva questions. Instead I focused on 5 things:
- originality
- contribution to knowledge
- methodology
- weaknesses, gaps and mistakes
- what would do differently if starting again

I figured by sorting out those in my head I'd be ready for most general questions.


ok great. . thanks bilbo,. im trying to go through my methods now, well i'm going thorugh it as if i need to talk about it. What its about, why i chose it etc..


Hello Amanda
Don't saturate youreslf re-re-re-reading your thesis. You know what it contains and it will all flow when you start to talk with enthusiasm about it. It is YOUR work!! If you have made a page of notes, and tagged the important pages of your thesis, that's it?
If you need more ~ have a look at chapters 11 and 12 in Trafford and Leshem, 2008.
Go and enjoy it! Best wishes ~ luck doesn't come into does it?

BYE vernon (up)(up)(up)