viva to getting a phd .. how long?


forgive me for being completly stupid here but can anyone give me an idea of how long generally do people wait for a viva.. then after the viva how long before you find out if you have got the PhD.. i know i should know this but just realised i dont !


From a UK perspective, the time between submission and viva varies depending on when your internal and external can agree to conduct the examination. Rule of thumb is that no-one should generally wait more than 3 months, but of course all kinds of circumstances can lengthen this period. As for finding out if you've got the PhD, usual procedure is as follows:

You have the viva, are sent out of the room at the end, while examiners discuss it for 10-15 mins. You're called back in and they tell you the outcome there and then (I won't go into all the possible outcomes) Most people pass subject to minor corrections, they are given a certain amount time to do them. You can say you've got your PhD, but it won't be officially in writing until you do the amendments in the given time.

Some people pass with no corrections at all, v rare but not impossible! The Phd in those cases is awarded straight away


thanks for that...!!

somehow doubt i will be one of the lucky few getting it right away..


I'd like to be the lucky one, work hard i have to


It feels so long, I submitted at the end of September and still have no vica date.
I'm working and feel like I've moved on, but yet not finished which is wierd. Our university guide is you should take under 10 weeks from submission to viva.