Viva Voce preparation


Hi there,

I have received a list of questions for mock viva from my supervisor. There are questions in the closing section:
1. If you did it again what different?
Could someone explain what is appropriate to mention? Is it asked in a positive or negative way
2. Choose one area only? What they want to ask.
Many thanks


Hi Ammu,

I would refrain from any answers referring to your chosen research methods as it indicates you are not certain about your choices and decisions made along the project. You've not given enough context but if you're in natural sciences nothing about failed results - this is a question to reflect on any lessons you've learned as a result of your choices.

A good way to connect this answer is to relate it to comments for future study that are usually found in the conclusion of your thesis.

Good luck,


Hi DrHopelsOutThere,

Many thanks for your suggestions. Got it. I really appreciate your guidance!!

Many thanks