viva worry


I think that's fantastic! Yes she may have said it to put you at ease, but she wouldn't have written it if it wasn't also true. It shows the examiner is already well-disposed towards your work and hey, if she cares about putting you at ease she can't be a total dragon! Look after yourself and good luck :-)


Really? But you can never tell these things. I think it was the examiners way of apologising for the weather. My supervisor has said that she believes its Major corrections or worse. I have accepted it but I am sure it will still be difficult when i get told i'll have to re-do the whole thing. i also have this strange worry that I won't be able to understand my examiner;s accent. Shes from down South and I am a 'northerner'.! What do I do in that situation!? I just don't understand why we put ourselves through PhDs!!


If you don't understand their accent, don't be afraid to ask them to repeat what they said - you can't be expected to guess! But I'm sure you'll manage - I doubt their accent will be so strong that you won't understand it. Folks from down south tend to have accents that are very easy to understand :)