Waiting for examiners verdict (post viva)


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Well it's been over a week since I submitted my corrected and reduced PhD.

I've spent most of this week sleeping, recharging my batteries and basically relaxing.

Now I'm feeling a bit more human and less tired, I'm starting to worry about whether examiners will accept my changes.

I know my thesis was much better than the submitted draft and I fixed all of their big recommendations and integrated most of their suggestions for improvement. I've even added some new structural changes and thesis models to gel the whole thing together and these models help place a thread throughout my thesis plus a few more additions to my result chapters which complied with some suggestions for improvement. So I'm hoping I've done enough. When I submitted, I thought for the first time ever that this is a strong improvement over the last draft, much more focused and was effectively complete, whereas my submitted draft had missing sections. Although having said that, I've spotted a few references that I've missed from my reference section-ahhhhhhhh!

I have to wait for an email from my department in October to see whether my examiners think my work is good enough for a pass, ie I have no viva. Thesis wasn't perfect, so I'm hoping for minor corrections.

Supervisors aren't contacting me at all now, so I'm hoping this isn't a bad sign of things to come and just a sign that their super busy at the moment.

Anyway, just wondering how long other resubmitters had to wait. Waiting for October is really going to test my patience as it means I'm stuck in limbo once again. It also means I probably won't graduate in November :( which is depressing! I don't want to graduate six years since I started my PhD!

I think I'm going to throw myself into my retraining and generally keep myself busy.


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How long before you hear about a decision? Did they say?

You've put a lot of work into reducing the size of your thesis. That said, the examiners will have to take another look.

I remember it was nearly three months between submission and viva for me, however, that was partially due to my supervisor delaying it so he could attend a conference. I'm guessing for you once people get back of their summer holidays and take a look, it'll probably be mid-September at a guess. Hopefully sooner.

Fingers crossed for you girl.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


Hey there! I don't know what the academic schedule is like at your uni, but at mine June - August is slow, and most people are either on holiday or leaving the office earlier. That may explain the delay if it's similar where you are. I've been following your threads, and just want to say, "well done" regardless the outcome. Your tenacity and hard work is admirable - outstanding, really! (up)


Well done Pineapple for submitting!! It sounds like you have made an enormous improvement in your thesis and you should be very proud of what you have achieved. I submitted my corrections end July/beg August and to be honest I waited until mid September for a decision for minor corrections. The main issue was everyone being on leave which doesn't make you feel any better about the wait! I heard nothing from my examiner during this time and only had the corrections confirmed by official email/letter (althouth my sup had previously heard on the grapevine). My best advise would be to take a break and do some activities that you would enjoy, you know the sorts of things that you have been putting aside whilst you study! Try not to think too much about the outcome as it will take the examiners a bit of time, they will let you know when they have reached a decision. Wishing you the best of luck for a happy outcome and a virtual hug for being so inspirational :-)


HI- I know exactly how you are feeling! I re-submitted at the end of July and I am waiting to hear my fate................
Whilst the guidelines in my uni state 6 weeks, I am assuming this may be a little longer due to summer holidays. I am starting to lose sleep again over this. I am so worried that even though I addressed every point in the examiners report that it may not be enough. I keep looking over my thesis and I think it does look well and read well, but then again I have worked at that long it is going to look that way to me. My supervisers assure me it is much better but these are the same supervisers who thought it was ok first time around. This is the worst feeling ever- I am so paranoid I will not pass. The examiners did not feel I needed another viva which was promising at the time but now I am beginning to think it may have better to have a chance to defend myself. However, I gather that if they decide to fail me I have to be offered the chance of another viva-which there would be no point in going to given they will have decided to fail me. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhgggggg I can't stop worrying...................


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Hey Frazzled, wow, glad I'm not the only one here in the same boat. How are you passing the time? I'm trying to keep myself distracted with various walks and with my low paid part time job, but it isn't easy trying to push this thesis result out of my head.

I'm not worrying at the moment, I just feel numb, sad and it feels like I'm stuck in limbo. I'm also still sleepy despite loads of rest! Had a little cry in my room last night as I feel so alone with everything :-(

Everyone keeps telling me I'll be fine (especially those who haven't completed a PhD), although I appreciate the support, it doesn't make it any easier.

Just wish I had a crystal ball to see what the future holds and not have this sinking sickly feeling of a 'we regret to inform you' type email and letter in the next 1-2 months.

Anyway, must try and stay positive. I've tried to meet every single one of their requests and covered all of their explicit recommendations and even I can see that it's much better than my first submitted draft. Also have to keep in my mind that my examiners were positive about my work. Their comments from my first submitted draft of 'groundbreaking' and strong potential for new knowledge within (my academic field) surely means their not going to fail me now?!? Just hope I've done enough. Will have to wait and see I guess.


I know exactly how you are feeling- everyone keeps telling me I will be fine but nothing anyone says can reassure me now. I started a new job 1 month after my viva, but to be honest I have found myself so distracted by my thesis and by all the worry. That is one of the reasons my examiners said they gave me a resubmission- to give me more time for revisions because I was starting a new job (I wrongly mentioned my new job at end of viva which was a big mistake!). I have been messed around so much that I can't help but imagine that even if I do pass I will still have a long list of corrections. My external felt the contribution to knowledge was definietly there and all in all the thesis was 95% there- but I still can't help but worry and feel he only said this to make me feel a bit better at end of viva- I was clearly upset at the outcome. Not much I can do now only wait and hope for the best. This has been a horrible process and I can't wait for it be over. I am just trying to focus on how much better I will feel at my graduation after all this added pressure (providing I get that far!!). I can definietly see that my revised version is much improved so fingers crossed for the both of us!!


Frazzled & Pineapple, I hope all goes well for you both! It's hard, but try to stay calm in the interim. :-)


Hi Pineapple,

I have been awarded my PhD suject to minor corrections!! ( 7 weeks after I resubmitted). I am so relieved as I had convinced myself I had failed. I hope this reassures you a little. The examiners were happy I had addressed each point in their report. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.


Many congrats Dr Frazzled; here's hoping things go well for Pineapple too (up)


Well done Dr Frazzled(up)

I've only just seen this post. Hope all goes well for you Pineapple.


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Almost two months since post viva submission and still no news, although the admin lady said she expects to receive examiners verdict in late October. Admin lady is on A/L until early next week.

No support from uni since submission and starting to lose the will to live! Limbo central.

Really struggling to concentrate on job hunting at the moment.

They've most likely agreed a decision, which is a sickening thought!

Sorry for moaning! Sounds pathetic, but I'm losing the will to live at the moment!


Are you seeing a counsellor? You should still be eligible for the uniersity's own counselling service, assuming they have one. Use this as much as you want. It should help you cope.


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Heard from uni. No news yet. Been told to 'hang in there'.

Their expecting results on the 31st of October or as near to that date as possible (I resubmitted mid August).

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It sounds like one of the examiners is reading it from cover to cover!!! :-)

You've also resubmitted whilst they were likely to be away on holiday, after which it's conference season before they all return to Uni. end of September.

I remember my viva was delayed to enable my supervisor to concentrate on an EU Project seminar. I just wanted to get it over with, so I know how you feel.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)