Waiting for examiners verdict (post viva)


I really hope you hear soon. I know too well the impact awaiting the decision has on confidence levels. Look at every interview as getting one step closer. I always made a list of the questions I was asked after an interview, and soon could predict the type of questions they would ask depending on requirementts of the post. You will get something- I know how frustrating it is, but try to concentrate on the positives :) i.e. you ot short-listed, you are getting interview experience.


Hi Pineapple, I've not been on here in a while, just been checking up on your progress form time to time. I really hope you get it sorted soon, the wait would have destroyed me by now so you're doing well for coping! I'm sure it's all ok though.
As for the interview, I've gona to a few where I was perfect for the job, and when I didn't get it I was gutted, until I met the person or found out about the person who did got it and was even more perfect for the job than me, so you just never know. Just keep applying, keep going to interviews (as others have said, even getting an interview is a big deal these days, especially out of 300 people!) and build up your experience for the day you find that job that you really are the most perfect person for!
Good luck!


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No news on decision............

But received an email today from postgrad office stating that my examiners are summing up their reports and will let me know of their decision and confirmed result shortly and an apology for keeping me waiting.

Finally SOME official news from my department.

I don't know if 'confirmed result' means their still deciding or what 'shortly' means, but hopefully soon.

Trying not to read too much into that email- ie what summing up their reports means or implying that they've yet to make a decision?!?! or wondering if their formulating some justifications to fail my thesis (I admit the latter thought is rather negative and goes against most examiners desire to pass people, so apologies).

Oh well, will find out soon enough I guess. No point in trying to pick at the meaning of particular words in that email.

Surprisingly, I casually opened up that email, wasn't anxious at all, but rather apathetic and tired of this whole process.


Well that's encouraging news. Things are moving on, making progress, and you should hear something 'soon'.

And as awful as the wait has been I'm encouraged that you weren't anxious opening the email. You'll just be glad to get the result now, so hopefully it will be less stress for you. Although obviously you could have done without the long wait reaching that stage.

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You've already had revise and resubmit, meaning whatever the outcome this will soon be over. Depending on University regulations, you've finally a pass, more minor corrects, MPhil or fail.

I can't see there being an outright fail unless you've failed to satisfy any of their points. You appear to have gone out of your way to deal with these, so the worst possible outcome is an MPhil if they feel you've missed the mark with your revisions. This at least means you'll leave with something.

However, the time taken for the examiners to compile their reports does suggest issues to be resolved meaning more work to be done as they are identifying weaknesses in the recompiled thesis. This implies further minor corrections and an MPhil award is a less likely option. It also means you're probably not going to get an outright pass yet but at least it's looking like you will eventually get your PhD.

I'm guessing it's looking good the fact they've taken so long, but if the delay is because they want more changes addressed then the worst that is going to happen is you've a month or two (depending on your University regulations) before you become Dr. Pineapple.

That's not long and I'm betting you're nearly there. That said, I hope I'm wrong and you do get a straight pass.

All the best and fingers crossed,

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


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Thanks for the feedback.

If they've decided to award an MPhil, there's nothing I can do with it. I will be absolutely devastated though and will disappoint many many people. But at the same time, an MPhil is something I guess and will enable some closure.

But as outlined previously, I think there's a few indications that an MPhil maybe unlikely.

I ensured to address all of their major corrections by reducing it all down to 100,000 words and making substantial changes to improve the thesis structure (which improves the thesis and was accepted by my supervisors). As well as addressing almost all of their smaller changes.

My thesis definitely wasn't perfect, so I'm expecting some further changes. E.g I've spotted a few typos and missed some references from my reference list! But, despite overt apathy and general disinterest in my thesis, I would be happy to resolve these to obtain a PhD.

In sum, I really thought my thesis was a great improvement over my first submitted thesis. I could read through it and follow it without getting upset for a start! If they think my thesis is worse than my first draft, or if I've failed to meet doctoral level standard, then there's nothing I can do.

It's just a question as to whether their generally happy with the changes and considering a PhD outcome (after some further smaller corrections) or whether they feel I've failed to meet the required doctoral level standard.

What will be, will be.


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Another week with no news? Really feel for you pineapple :-s:-(:-s:-(


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Hi Caroloro. Thanks for your message. Yes, still no news. Struggling to cope last week, but now I've just had enough of waiting. I want to put this all behind me and get on with my life.

Edit- still no news (27th Nov). Seriously contemplating quitting now. I've had enough!


hang in there. it'll all end - and end well. i got my phd result 3 months after the expected date.


Pineapple, you don't just deserve a PhD, you deserve a bloody medal for persevering for so long. You must be so strong- I don't know that I could have stuck it out like you have. I look on here every day to see if you have any news, and I'm keeping all of my toes and fingers crossed for you. You're gonna get through this and hopefully very soon it will all be behind you and just a bad memory fading away whilst you pursue your career (and the rest of your life) further. Big hugs, KB


Been reading through this. Why do they keep torturing Pineapple? It strikes me as a mystical marriage of needless cruelty and equally needless dawdling (but of course I don't know their detailed situation, and they don't seem eager to allow anybody to know their detailed situation). Lots and lots of good vibes to Pineapple. Please don't give up, though I know how it feels to have had enough, many times over, long ago. You've done a huge amount of work and these hibernators have to get back to you at some point. Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes.

Are these vitamins? (sprout) Here you go. Cheering for you - Ants (also stuck in seemingly endless academic tunnel).


Ok, some more news....

One of the examiners requested a final word count of my thesis and for each of my chapters.

My department are expecting a result any day now.

I was just told to stay positive and not give up, but it's just not that easy. What will be will be and all that, but I can't help but think that this week I'll receive bad news.


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A word count can be done in five minutes flat via Microsoft Word and e-mailed straight back. That's nothing!!!

The examiner concerned does seem to me to be going a little overboard. You'd expect a leeway of a couple of thousand words. He / She is obviously wondering if it's stil too big.

Hec, if you check and it's okay then that's one less thing for you to worry about.

Ian (Mackem_Beefy)


I've just sent them (my department) a detailed spreadsheet of words taken from each chapter and a final column of final word count for each chapter and a final overall total.

I used this spreadsheet to keep track of my 100,000 word limit and used a percentage decrease calculation and overall target of words to reduce to keep me motivated.

It's very very close to 100,000 words (by a few hundred words) which is perhaps why they've requested it to check....


I would take this as a positive - if they were just going to outright fail you, then they wouldn't be quibbling over word counts! Therefore, I think they are just deciding on some corrections, and might ask you to chop a few more words out here and there. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, you really deserve good news after all this!