Waiting for Offers -How Long?!?!



Well, as the orginal thread starter who is 76 days older and less than 76 days wiser I can share my experience with you -

Nearly all places made me sweat when waiting for outcome, I did all my applications Oct/Nov time. A few got back to be near the pre specified interview time, some let me know after they'd finished the interviews and selected exactly who they wanted, this happened even when they did not invite for an interiview.

As a general picture of my expierence, no place rejected me quickly, they all waited until at least until the first round before putting the boot in.

Most importantly: the place I got an offer from actually bungled my application (a problem with hotmail accounts), I emailed them then they apologised profusely and invited me for a very very late interview. Anything can happen, someone is sick, computer problems, maybe you forget to hand in something, your references haven't submitted etc etc

Another place informed me of a rejection when i emailed them, they also pointed me in the direction of other projects when I did this. This also happened at another place.

My advice: PLEASE PLEASE CHASE UP YOUR APPLICATIONS AFTER A MONTH, unless they have specified not too, it can't do any harm and if i didn't do so I would have my back to the wall and be right up against it


Thankyou for your advice, it makes sense really. I guess I was concerned that what I think is enthusiasm is seen as pestering by the supervisors! :D

Anyways I've sent a query off; but have this awful feeling in my gut that I'll get the familiar reply of "there were many high calibre candidiates but you have not been selected for interview, many applicants matched our criteria more specifically!". Luckily as someone who thinks rationally about things, I'll attribute this feeling to the spicy enchilada I had for tea last night! Haha! 8-) :-)