Well this is it.......last few days (eek)


Hi all, I am now contemplating my last few days of viva prep. Up until now I have

1. read through my thesis noting and creating a corrections list.
2. added post-its of extra pointers, key areas within my thesis and chapter starts etc.
3. made a list of potential viva Qs and answered those.
4. collected together the key papers and have looked over these (again)
5. Checked out my outfit and am in the process of packing.

My viva is on Wednesday morning and I am naturally anxious about keeping myself together, yes the usual nerves are getting the better of me. I am waking in the mornings with a flux of related questions that I feel I should check out which is taking over my viva prep. I have to travel to the uni on Tuesday afternoon and stay in a hotel for the night before driving into town for my viva on Wednesday morning. So I have until Monday evening for further prep. I am getting lost in the emotions/nerves of this exam that I cannot think straight on what best to do now. I am having trouble recalling info which is worrying me aswell.

Any help and advice would be gratefully received!


In these last few days there is very little useful revision/preparing that you can do. The best thing you can do is to look after yourself as well as possible. Sleep as much as you can. Have fun. Do relaxing things. Try not to worry. And don't do last minute cramming. You won't take it in, and will just worry yourself further in the process.

Good luck for Wednesday!


It is well known that support from others is helpful in times of stress - you have my support. All good wishes and just think this time next week you'll not be as nervous!


Hey Dunni! Not got much advice as I'm still a few weeks off my viva, but just to say good luck! I agree with Bilbo, probably best at this stage to try to chill out, get some fresh air and exercise, and do your best to relax. Personally I've calmed down a little now and am actually looking forward to getting it over with, and I'm sure you'll be feeling a bit of that as well, although I'm guessing the other emotions are taking over at the moment! I've got an afternoon viva and am just going to go to the gym in the morning and not look at anything PhD-related right before my viva. I guess the whole having to travel there and stay in a hotel probably makes it more nerve-wracking too, but spoil yourself for an evening and make the most of it! We'll all be dying to know how you've got on! Best, KB


Hi Dunni

you know your thesis and your topic inside out, you can and will do it! Will be thinking of you Wed morning and checking the forum to see how it went for you - brill, I'm sure.

To infinity and BEYOND(up)


Dunni, my best advice at this stage, and it's professional as well as personal, is to stop thinking about any of this. Your mind needs a break. What's more, you need to give this thesis a chance to sink down and even itself out, and just breathe. I've always found that my mind works best when it's had time for a rest, because then it functions much better. So, for the next 3 days, go a bit silly. Watch pointless telly, cook and eat some great food, or if you can afford it, eat out once at least. Do some physical exercise. 40 years ago when I had a serious breakdown I was prescribed squash every day - the game, not the juice! I've found swimming is just the perfect relaxation exercise for me, and I love saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis. So what I'm saying is that you need to shift your attention from your mental state, to your physical state. When your body is comfortable, both your working memory and your rote memory work so much better (FACT!). Go see a film. Make love. Sleep. Window-shop. Eat chocolate if that's your thing. Sit by the sea or in the country. Be kind to your body and it, in turn, will do wonders for you.
Everyone here has total confidence in you. Now chill! And the best of everything.


Thank you all so much for your support. I have taken your advice and didn't really do anything yesterday and spent the evening watching pre-recorded episodes of Lewis! I woke up this morning without being consumed with 'hideous-out-of-my-field questions that I feel compelled to check out! In fact I slept in for an extra couple of hours. So today I have been packing my clothes and document case ready for putting into the car without the children seeing. This leaves me with just my answers to 'talk' to myself about! I think the children have had enough of me talking to them about my thesis so I have resorted to the dog now. I am worried that my children with be at preschool with a basic 'three Rs' knowledge but be geniuses in respiratory gas diffusion modelling!

Anyway, time to take it easy (despite some background nerves still). Thanks again for your suggestions, Beajay I fully understand your logic of looking after myself now but it takes alot to stop working without guilt, I am trying :p


Hey Dunni, I fully agree with everyone else, this is now you time. You need to just chill and relax, so that you are at your best physically and emotionally at the viva. I know how long you have spent in prepping for this viva, so you already know more than is required for it. So it's time to take care of yourself :)