What are the next steps after leaving or being kicked out of a grad program?


I am interested in mathematics; however, I could not pass a required exam while in the PhD program. I have great work experience, great undergrad GPA, and expect a decent GPA (3.5+) once the semester is over.

My goal is to apply for work, yet I am concerned about how to address this on my resume or when it is brought up in the interview. Also, in regards to applying for jobs, do any of you have some experience to share about getting back on your feet after realizing grad school was not a good fit?

What are the next steps? Do you recommend that I take some skills based classes in something like programming to rebrand myself?


So you started a PhD but did not finish? ow long were you in the program for? If less than a year, you don't have to mention your PhD at all. Just say to your interviewers that you were job hunting