What are your PhD stressors?


Hi everyone! Calling all PhD students - I need your help!! 😊

I am doing research on PhD-related stressors. I am developing a program and webinar series to help PhD students overcome these stressors and thrive in their PhD research.

Who I am: A PhD graduate from a Russell group university and Certified Coach. I work with ambitious PhD students who struggle with work/life balance and finding enjoyment from their research.

My questions for you are:
Are you feeling the pressure with progressing your PhD studies?
Are you struggling with the following:
⭐️ Procrastination
⭐️ Self doubt
⭐️ Feeling overwhelmed
⭐️ Planning lots but unsure how to make tangible progress
⭐️ Unsure exactly where to focus your efforts
⭐️ Unsure how to define your novel contribution
⭐️ Poor work/life balance

If this sounds like you, please fill out my survey: https://forms.gle/NdfLR8wmg1EJGBby7

By completing the survey, you will be entered into a prize draw where 5 lucky winners will get free access to the webinar series! I look forward to supporting you 😊Thank you!