What is best to get out from my supervisors if I have to leave?


I need some help. I must leave my department and PhD due to lack of funding for me to continue, after two years!!
Could you help me out, What it could be best to get out from them?
I was thinking a good reference letter with all the stuff I have been doing, list of things...
What else do you think it could help, in case I want to do other PhD, to do a Masters, to work, apply for jobs....?
Please give me all your possible ideas.
Thank you so much!!


I don't know if this is possible or not, but if you have already done 2 years of work, perhaps you could ask your supervisors whether you are eligible to apply for a Mphil qualification? quite often if you can't do the whole phd, you can apply for this lower qualification based on the work you've done. I don't know if that's an option for you or not.

but other than that, i'd say just ask for references from your supervisors, and maybe you could also ask them to look at and comment on a draft of your CV - to make sure that your experience and skills are communicated in a way that will help you to get work etc in that discipline.

good luck!


Does this happen? The funding disappears and that's it, you're out???

Great, another thing to worry about...