What is the official date of the PhD award?


Hi guys,

I have a brief question. I had my viva in December 2009 with the result that the PhD was awarded with minor corrections. The report was completed and sent off in December as well. I did the corrections in early January this year and submitted the signed form that everything has been completed with a hard-bound copy of the thesis. The thesis date was September 2009, I asked my supervisor what date I should put in for the final hard-bound version and he said to use the original date when the thesis was submitted for examination (September 2009).

I am waiting for the official letter from academic council to tell me that I have been awarded the degree and info on the graduation date (I think graduation in my school is not until June).

So when writing when I was awarded the PhD what do I say? Do I use the year 2009 because this is when the examiners decided to recommend the award of the PhD and it is also the submission year of the thesis, or do I go with 2010?



Hi Danzig,

My graduate school told me that the date that appears on your pass list is the date you are formally awarded the PhD, not the date of your graduation. So for me I passed the viva early november, appeared on pass list late november, graduated december. On my CV I put PhD awarded november 2009.

If you haven't already been sent a copy of your passlist (or a letter confirming you have passed) I would ask at your graduate school/admin office.


Thanks Heifer,

no, I haven't received anything yet. As far as I know the council meets for the first time this year on February 4 and I can expect a letter after that.

Happened to me before that I have something important which straddles two different years. I published two articles in different journals. They published the online version with DOI in October of one year and the printed version in January the next year. Frustrating.