What music are you listening to whilst you write?


I find having music on in the background whilst I write, to be very helpful. It really helps to keep myself motivated to sit at my desk and work.

So I wanted to ask what music are you currently listening to, and what particular songs help to keep you motivated?

I have certain playlists for different writing "moods"
Sometimes I like listening to slow songs, other times when I really need to get going, I listen to faster songs.

At the moment I am listening to 'viva la vida' by coldplay.

What songs do you listen to when you write?


I need absolute silence to work: although I understand I'm in a minority. I like listening to the birds, though, or even the sound of the rain.


Brit Wards 2007 album is a fave right now.


I like Classic FM because I don't have to think and essentially, someone chooses good classical music for me. Can't listen to anything with words though, or I start writing them down by mistake!


Thanks for reminding me. I was going to put some music on but forgot. At the moment I have been listening to Celtic chill-out stuff. But when my neighbours put on their thump thump repetitive 'music' I have to put on Rammstein, Epica or Lacuna Coil very loudly.


none. it distracts me. rain is good.


morrissey, acoustic rock mostly although the cult have been known to sneak in there too...