what should I wait for?


I already made a tele-conference with my future supervisors. They told there were few finalist and when they make a decision they would call me. They finally called me. Before the final desicion they want to have a meeting with me in the department so they can show the lab and the team. I should make a presentation of my master thesis to the team. I am very nervous. My thesis was about a subject completely different than this phd project and I have few knowledge on this new subject. I am also a foreign student and I don’t know if my English would be big handicap. The meeting is in two weeks. What should I wait for? Can you give me some advice? Thank you.


The topic for your dissertation is probably not that much of an issue to them. My feeling is that they are more interested in your research skills. So such things as how you planned your research, what problems you encountered and how you solved them, how you justify some of the assumptions, the conclusions you reached and lessons for the future. Effectively more about the process than the topic itself. That's my take anyway!


I agree with sylvester - focus on the methodology as opposed to the actual subject area


I don't think your English can be an issue, as you've already proven yourself that you can perform well at tele-conferences, which are more difficult than the real conversations in my view. I also agree with sylvester's advice. Good luck.