What to call a Table of Tables


I'm working on formatting my thesis and putting it all together. I've just been wrestling with my table of contents, and I have included a table of figures. But I also have a number of tables in my thesis as well. How do I list those? A Table of Tables sounds stupid. Any ideas?


Hi Aussiechick,

I did it this way:

Table of Contents for the main page but for figures, tables etc:

Index of Tables, Index of Figures, etc....



Thanks for that reply Danzig. Just after I posted I realised I could just call it a List of Tables. I don't know why that didn't occur to me before. Obviously my brain is turning to jelly! :$


No problem. Sometimes we are so focused on the research work that we don't see the simple solutions. ;-) Best of luck!


A table of tables --a tablet(te) surely :$ :-) - sorry about that, its been a long day!!!


I had this same problem, and after just reacquainting myself with my table of contents (which I really must proofread), I have put 'List of Figures and Tables'.

Aussiechick, have you include your Table of Contents in your wordcount?


Misspacey, I don't need to advise my word count to anyone, so I haven't really been worried about how many words are in my table of contents. Just as well, becuase it goes over four pages! As long as I am under 100,000 words I'm OK, and I'm up to about 90,000 now with contents and references included.