Where can I get the access to free online thesis?



I remembered someone here wrote about the free online thesis, but I couldn't find the thread.
So, does anyone know the link/ where can I get the access to the free online thesis?



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there are a number of ways to access theses online. One is via the British library; register for free and you can get free pdfs downloads sent to your inbox - http://ethos.bl.uk/Home.do;jsessionid=B70CA576E236A5092E3BF910B921342B.

There is also the ProQuest database which some libraries have. Have a look through your library's databases and see if you have it. Not everything listed on it has the full thesis. Some theses just have a preview of roughly 22 pages - so near and yet so far! Some posters have put up a ProQuest thesis request up here on the forum.

No doubt there are also other possibilities. It's always worth putting the title into Google scholar as some, though very few, are freely available. I have seen theses pdfs on an author's university webpage so it's always worth a shot.

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For recent theses, check the author's University's Online Open Repository.