Where do you sit?!



As a matter of interest, what provisions does wherever you are studying have for PhDs? Do you get a desk? Is there an office of some sort for you all? Do you get much in the way of funding for conferences and so on?



Depends on institution and subject. Most science people have lab space and perhaps a desk (I share an office with one other person, some share up to 10 but still have their own desk and PC), I have friends in the Humanities who have to hot desk and don't have a PC, or work all the time in the library.

Re. funding for conferences, if you're research council funded then there should be some sort of scheme (NERC for example pay £150 per year for conference funding, and some recognised courses are free for NERC students), or it could be written into your proposal. This is probably preferable. If you're at a Collegiate University then most Colleges can help you out with travel funds, and I'm sure most Departments have some sort of fund or prizes (though it might not be much).

Everyone wants to go to glamorous conferences in Australia or the US, but remember that flights, accomodation, transfers, conference fees, the gala dinner, expenses etc soon add up to a whole lot, even for a European conference.

Hope that helps?



In my university arts and humanities PhD students are allocated three rooms: two are full of desks (and hot desks for part-timers) the other is a common room with fridge, sink etc. This system has worked great until now, where they have decided to break us all up into our subject areas. So me and the other 2 English Literature students for example will be moved up into an office on the third floor with the English lecturers. I must admit I'm not looking forward to sharing an enclosed space with the same two faces day in, day out and it's a shame that they've decided to break up the little community we have when doing a PhD can be so isolating. Having said that, we're very well provided for in that we will have an office whatever happens and won't be forced to work in the library.
As for funding for conferences, I've not been here long so I'm not entirely sure but as far as I know you can bid for travel funds etc, and a board meets every so often to decide on the amount you will be awarded. From what I can tell, they are pretty generous. I'll hopefully be attending a conference next year in Michigan and my supervisor doesn't seem to think I'll have any trouble sorting out costs (although this is probably normal amongst all universities- again, I'm not sure!)
Overall, Im qute suprised at the amount of money the university seems prepared to invest in postgrads when it is relatively new and not especially well established. As a postgrad we were pretty much herded in like sheep!


I'm not sure re conferences - there is a small fund for the dept, but not much. As far as where you sit goes it depends on the dept at our uni. I know some have their own offices that they share with 2 or 3 others - in my dept we have a locked room with a set of computers and desk space, but that is it - we don't get an office unless we get a GTA position and then we share one for office hours on the same floor as the profs!


Hiya, there's been a thread on this (more of collective ranting with the exception of a few luckies amongst us!) about facilities for Phd students...a longish thread....