where to start?


Hi all,
After a week off where I experienced all the emotions you can think of, shock, denial, anxiety, anger, (upsetness~ lots of this) and finally acceptance. I have now found the strength to face the changes I am required to make. Then Q my laptop dying- its almost laughable- I take it to the shop and they say I will see it in two weeks:-s...anyway luckily we have another old computer in the house and I will work on that for the time being.....

In summary my viva was one of the most challenging experiences that I have faced, the external stated that she had read my thesis quickly while at airports etc...(dont get me started - why would you tell the candidate that?) anyway she basically had an idea of what I should have revealed in my work even though I have explained that my focus was on somethng else.. long story short it was a gruelling one hour - but my internal was much better she understood my thesis and was very positive - in the end I did pass with corrections amounting to 6 months to complete (I hope that through this forum I will be able to complete them in much less time than that!) I will stay positive and not focus on what was, as that is now past.

I just summarised that experience as I am determined to encourage others who are in the same situation as myself.WE CAN DO IT (up)


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Hi Naturalme!

Congratulations on passing (up) Well done (once again)!

It sounds like the revisions feel a bit overwhelming right now but you're are soo close!

Keep up the good work.


Hi Skig

Thank you so much for your support... I just saw your comment on my last thread( passed VIVA) thank you for being positive- I need all the positivity I can get my hands on :-)

How is your work going?


You're very welcome :-)

Work is ok, thanks. I've not had much time to do things due to paid work and other commitments but I'm hoping things will settle down a bit from this week.

I've been slacking a bit in recent weeks but I'm going to plan a schedule for the rest of the week so fingers crossed that will help me. You finding the time to work on your revisions?


Hey Skig..I am in the process of mapping the way forward clearly... today is literally the first day I have been able to deal with stuff coherently.
Dont be too hard on yourself as long you keep the focus in mind you will be fine... I wish you all the best in sorting out the schedule -- we could work to encourage each other (up)


Hi Naturalme - to add to what Skig says, you have passed and although your corrections probably seem terrifying, maybe take a deep breath and decide to spend the rest of this week figuring out what the examiners want and how you're going to tackle them. Some must be easier than others so why not tick off a few easy things so that psychologically you will have started and be on the road to being done and dusted!

I have to admit that I am finding it tough to get into my own viva prep - I was so close to being completely burnt out that I have little to no inclination to dip into the thesis. I still haven't opened the hardcopy since I submitted it at the end of Oct! I have looked at my bibliography with the idea of making sure that I was 100% sure what was in there! I only got to 'f' and even that has taken me days of a little bit here, then a little bit there. I also started a new job which took me a while to click into, but now I HAVE to get back into research. I have enough time but not sure if I have enough motivation :-(

The best of luck with your corrections - I would take 6 months corrections if it means the examiners spell out what they want but it seems from reading the forum that that is not always the case. Keep us informed how you're getting on.

Yes you can, you can do it(up)


Naturalme, I hope you had a productive day yesterday. We all have to start somewhere!

Ady, well done on securing a job! Congrats! I think the avoidance to do viva prep could well be part of the journey as I haven't done much myself and I have a mock soon enough so I better step up!