Who else has an ordinary or 3rd class degree?


I am asking that to see what you people did, because I am in a very difficult situation right here, and if you know some way out, please give me some directions.

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Although not unheard of, it is very difficult to get a PhD place with a third class degree. A masters degree will not raise you above the usual qualification threshold. If you really want to work in research, then apply for a job as a lab technician in an academic research lab. If you progress well at this job you may be able to convince your boss to let you register for a part time PhD, but you may risk finding yourself at a dead end.


Simple, go back and do your final year again (either at the same place or a different place). Its the only option open to ya really. Obviously, it will cost you money but im sure it will be worth it in the long run. I feel sorry for ya, but just explore all your options and keep your head up. The job idea may sound ok but you'll just end up being another lab rat - i'd forget it!!