Why are job application forms so time consuming?


I'm coming up to the end of my funding (which I am very grateful to have had) so I need to get full-time work, but it's a full-time job filling in application forms.
Am I doing somethimg wrong - it took me nearly 5 hours yesterday to fill in a form! I had breaks through it but not major ones. I have so much information to put in and most of the boxes don't fit my experience and skills so I end up doing about 3 pages of extra information. What are other people's experiences of app forms?
The annoying thing is I don't really want the job that much and it's not well paid but it's one of the few around that I'm qualified for.


in my experience (and i am also still searching for a job) it only takes a lot of time the first 2-3 times. after that, you can recite your resume off by heart, and it takes 10 minutes to fill out those forms.


It's not as if I'm new to filling in forms and I never just recite my resume off as I tailor applications to the job and flag up the relevant skills and experience to that particular role. Maybe I'm being too thorough in my applications but there are hundreds of people out there to compete against.

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I'm the same, PamW - the factual bits, like qualifications and previous jobs, can be rattled off pretty quickly, but the other stuff takes a ridiculous amount of time. I'm not sure I've spent 5 hours on one, but tailoring statements to match person specifications takes way longer than I ever expect it to, and has to be done specifically for each job, so when I was in job-hunting mode I did find I sped up a little with each application, but not that much.