Why would you want to feel guilty leaving your PhD, especially if you have horrible supervision?


*I'm playing devil's advocate here*

If you're not on contract or anything, and you have such a horrible supervisor that is effecting your emotional and physical health, why would you even consider that everything's going to be alright soon and continue doing something that's obviously bad for you? Why the guilt?

Getting a job would be tedious but doable since you already have a degree; what other people think don't matter (you're an adult already, why do you care what they think?); why stay in a place that is obviously toxic for your health (unless you received some payment; even that is questionable); if you are passionate about the topic, do you think working with horrible supervisors would help you with your work; etc.

I know the above is debatable; feel free to chip in.

*Again, I'm playing devil's advocate here*


Sometimes, it is a matter of perspective.
For example, a good person could be "someone who is always able to see goodness in others..."

What you see in others can be a reflection of yourself.
When you judge someone, you don't define them, you define yourself.

If you choose to work, you may also find horrible people around you.
It is your choice......


I don't know why the guilt. Treat it like a job. Unless you have done something to stuff things up, been rude or lazy no you shouldn't feel guilty.


hey I just posted something similar in wowzer's thread! I had a colleague who had a really horrible supervisor---but she did really well in the end. Somehow that horrible supervisor and his tyrannical working style really did produce her very very excellent phd!!! my colleague and I, we were close friends, she never felt guilty. I think most of the time, stressed and angry--and DRIVEN! wow, yes she was.

however I think there shouldn't be very feelings of guilt.

People stay with lousy supervisors because they choose to, so why should they feel guilty about it :-)

love satchi