Wisdom tooth removed - time off?


Hi everyone,

I've just had abadly impacted wisdom tooth removed, and it wasn't the most pleasant operation ever - I've had a tooth pulled before, but (without wanting to give you details) this wasn't as straightforward, even according to the consultant, and it took about 45 mins. This was three days ago and I'm in a lot of pain with bad swelling.

Anyway, my question is, has anyone else had anything like this, and how much time did you have off? I'm in my second year, and have only been off sick once before (a week in January this year with tonsilitis). My parents came to my city for the op, but I'm tempted to go home as I can't really eat anything, walk far, etc etc, but then I'm feeling really guilty about taking time off.

Any opinions? Much appreciated...

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sounds painful. I'd go home to your parents, its times like these where you need someone who's going to mollycoddle you a bit :-)

You could just try and do an hour or 2 or reading or something per day so the time isn't completely taken off?


Well, I have loads of papers with me so I can do a bit... I get told I'm a workaholic by most of my peers, but I suppose that's just me!


Let your parents administer some TLC for a couple of days and try to dettach. Chronic pain is really wearing but then when it's gone you are likely to feel really invigorated and ready to jump back to work. Anything you read while in a lot of pain is not really likely to 'go in' is it so I prescribe some home cooking (when you can eat) and some Saturday night TV - though that's pretty rubbish during the summer so a bunch of DVDs.


Hey Matt! Well if you can't work then you cant work- definitely take time off if you need it. I haven't ever had a wisdom tooth out but about a year ago a dentist was supposed to be giving me a filling, but by accident he drilled into my nerve and then left it exposed. Of course I didn't know at the timne because I was numbed up, but after the anaesthetic wore off I was in absolute agony down the whole side of my head and I could barely stand up. I have never felt anything like it- it's amazing how much pain a tooth (or lack of a tooth in your case!) can cause and it took 5 emergency dentist visits and a root canal job to fix it :( I think some of my colleagues thought I was exaggerating a bit but it was horrendous- take all the time you need! Hope it gets better soon! Best, KB


Hi 4matt,

you have my sympathy. Although this may be seen as "minor operation" I can be very painful and you may feel quite drained. In my experience it can take about a week from operation to full recovery. As such I would request a week off from your employer, if you recover quicker you can always go back sooner.

Kind regards,



I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed under a general anaestheic several years ago and the pain afterwards was really bad despite medication. It took me about 10 days to feel like I could study again. I took two weeks off my degree and was given a two week extension for my dissertation as a result. The consultant authorised the two weeks 'sick leave' with the university as it was really bad timing with my dissertation lab work! I have to say that unless you have had it done, its not obvious the amount of disruption it causes. Enjoy some much needed TLC with your parents and stick to a sloppy liquid diet for a few days, soups, mushed dishes, angel delights (my favorites), ice cream etc. If you have stitches, the pain eases nicely when they dissolve/break :p


Ok, well that 5 in favour of home here, and three friends, so I'm off with my parents now. Thank you for all your replies. The clincher was my housemate telling me that it looked like I'd been hit in the side of my face with a baseball bat!


Haha, yes I forgot I also looked like a hungry hamster storing excessive food for the winter lol. Hope your feeling better soon.


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Wow, given that your rommate used a description such as "hit by a baseball bat", and you're even wondering to take time off or not, you have got to be a very conscientious person! Take it easy, you'll be more efficient at work when you take some time off.

Get well!


Make sure you stay within easy reach of a dentist in case there are problems ( someone I know had to go back as they had 'missed a bit') try using a salty water mouth wash/gargle and you might want to try putting a clove alongside the disaster area ( this remedy goes way back to mediaeval times). Gums do heal quite quickly though which is lucky.


Take sometime off so you can get better and get some TLC and home comforts. You can work again when you're not suffering and have got a clear head.