wording of job advert - 'must be able to demonstrate excellence...'


OK, having been dissuaded from applying for my 'dream' job (by the prospectve boss), I've another query regarding the wording of another advert.

How do you suppose I'd do this, then?!:

'must be able to demonstrate excellence in research and teaching '

I guess that for research, this would be shown by lists of publications in notable journals - 'strong research profile' is also mentioned

But is that necessarily so? Might un-(but soon to be)published independent research on a non-doctoral project count? It's the 'demonstrate' aspect that I feel is the sticking point

I'm supposing that, with regard to teaching, 'demonstrating' experience would help, but again, how might excellence be demonstrated? Does this suggest that something like HEA fellowship is necessary, or a PGCHE?

Any ideas?


Sorry about your dream job Nearly. At least you know not to apply - which is far better than facing "what ifs" in the future, had you not inquired.

I'm not at all qualified to give advice on your current query, but it sounds like a generic request for experience, not requiring anything in particular. Almost every job I've ever applied for have required that I demonstrate excellence in something or other (i.e. from my undergrad days: "must be able to demonstrate excellence in customer service" which simply means a good record of experience). If you can sell your experience of research and teaching in a very positive way, then you'll be "demonstrating excellence". I know this isn't particularly helpful, but I suppose my point is not to be too worried about what it means. If something like HEA or PGCHE was actually *necessary*, the ad would say.

Best of luck! :-)


Thanks for that - I guess 'demonstrate excellence' is essentially bog standard terminology, applicable to any job!

I may still go for this anyway..



I know what you mean about job ads. Maybe you could say that if they give you the job, you'll demonstrate excellence!

By the way, did you apply?


No - didn't apply. I realised that my disabilities might prevent me from doing this job. Feeling pretty desperate about job prospects : (