working and researching? a good match?


With such hectic schedule from day to day...
is there anyone that's spending some hours doing part-time jobs?
if so what kinda jobs?
jobs related to ur research or unrelated?

Just a thought of how well does one cope with both and stil have an ideal social life...wateva your definition of ideal is..


For part timers its obviously different, but as a full time PhD I took on a semester of undergraduate teaching (which I really loved) but it slowed down the PhD enormously. Not worth the money with all the marking and student demands, so if you can go without, get the PhD out of the way first or get a job with few hours and lots of $$ (and let me know when you find it)


I study for my PhD full time, have a part-time job in a call centre (two-and-a-half days a week) and teach two undergraduate classes. So I supposeone of my jobs is irrelevant and one is relevant.

I have a social life, but it's often multi-tasked; I meet friends and work out with them or go to a lecture or a seminar, and I'll spend time on the phone with my boyfriend while I'm cooking or cleaning or in the bath. Basically, I'm hardly ever in the pub or having coffee and just socialising (my life sounds really sad now luckily I love my PhD so it's ok!) but that's also because I'm really poor. And I still have time to mess about on the internet when I'm at work!


i'm doing my PhD full time and teaching two undergraduate classes, and i've got a little job at our local careers service. the teaching is fun, it usually takes me about a day to prepare, plus I have 6 contact hours/week. i am definitely paid less hours than i work, but in a sense I don't mind, as i am also learning, and do enjoy it.
the little job at the careers service is great. it's two hours/week but i can do more if i want, and it's really well paid, and though it's intense while it lasts, it's really limited to those two hours; no preparation or such. nice extra money without too much limitation to my PhD.
overall, i feel it's manageable - though as has been said before, if you can avoid having to work, then don't.


I met someone who was a fulltime doctor, also working on a PhD. I met him on a time management course! He said he had no time, but that back in India he worked similar hours and had loads more time. I'd love to know how he got on...


Wouldn't care to be one of his patients. I like my doctors to be alert not half asleep with exhaustion.


focus on phd first if you dont need that money so badly


i would say a part time job is a good idea as it allows you to come away from the Phd from time to time but then it depends on what kind of a job it is and how demanding it is. I teach 3 classes and i find the money is not worth my time though i enjoy it. i would be happy to teach less hours with more dosh! if i had the dosh i need to get by i would only teach one class. so i guess the whole thing comes down to being poor and needy!