Working time and location


Hi everyone, I've just started a full-time PhD in the Social Sciences and the working arrangements are different to my expectations. I was envisaging coming into the office for meetings, lectures and supervisions - so a couple of times a week. However there seems to be an expectation that I will be there every day. I find it really difficult to concentrate in an office where other people are coming and going and talking so I would much rather work from my own study space at home or the library when I'm doing research or writing. I'd be really grateful for any advice about how much say I should have about where I work?


Part of it is to prevent funded students then seeking full time employment. As long as you remain on campus and readily available (email) for last minute meetings your supervisor should be able to work with you on this.


Just speak to your supervisor and explain that you would prefer to work elsewhere. Should be fine as long as you are contactable. You could go into your office to establish a presence but then take yourself and your books to the library for the day. One other way to get around this is to go in early and get work done before everyone else comes in. My office was always dead first thing but busy later!