Hi all

I've been reading the forums for some time but finally decided to register.

I'm in my 9th month of my PhD and have come from working full time for 5 years. I decided I no longer wanted to do my job and had never really enjoyed it, I always enjoyed learning and researching, so I managed to secure some funding.

I've always been a worrying person and have many anxiety problems and I just can't stop worrying now. Despite the fact my supervisor tells me I'm doing perfectly fine I still feel like I never do enough. I've read so many stories where supervisors have said their students are doing fine only for them to fail.

I was just wondering if others feel like this and how they take their mind off this worrying?

I tend to get into the office at 6am and stay until around 4pm but with a 2 hour break for gym and food. So I'm working around 7-8 hours a day, and then I do planning and organising at home in the evenings and weekends.

I desperately feel like I need to take time off, with the exception of public holidays I've only had 1 day off in 9 months. Though I know I'll feel guilty for doing it

Any advice/experiences would be appreciated.


You've answered your own question. Take a break. Wow 6am is early! Don't worry about the hours. I'm not saying slack off but it's about quality more than quantity. Just because you are there doesn't mean you are present. If you're just putting the hours in but not benefitting then do less hours. I might have a week or so when I write furiously or read lots, then I put it aside. I have a week or so ruminating in my thoughts, then go back to it. Gym is a good way to relax, maybe you can join some more of their classes.


As a PhD student, you get a holiday allowance. It will be about 5 weeks a year. Take it.


You have answered your own question - take some time off. Don't feel guilty about it either! You work hard and deserve holidays - life should not be all about work!

I can relate to you because I have anxiety problems and often feel the same (yes, I'm giving advice that I often don't take myself!). Have you got ways of managing your anxiety? If not, then work on that or get help from someone to work on that. Working out what works for me has been massively helpful so I know I can do different things to calm me and take my mind off my worries. Yoga is one of them but there's loads of others that help me.


I'm quite similar - I 'left' work to do a PhD, and that adds to the anxiety I think. The first year is often spent wondering whether you've done the right thing or not? But it works out, and yes take a break its summer :).


Thank you for all of your replies!

I think I will take some time off at the start of next month, I suppose even a few days won't do any harm study wise, but will probably help massively.

I use the gym to manage my anxiety really, I'm on medication too. It helps quite a bit, but there are still times I really struggle.