writing chapter - wish me luck!


I'm writing up a chapter for wednesday next week - wish me luck. It is a considerable reworking (same material, different analysis) from chapter I wrote last month - it was really crappy, and this is a neccesary task. And I need to impress with this one. Wish me luck! Any tips for producing elegantly scripted, academic prose?! ;-) I want to feel proud


Good luck! Only have one tip: make sure it's not crap. Hope that's helpful.


focus.... avoid too many distractions, so you have have a clear line of thought.


Break a leg


by the way, that was meant to be good luck


Hi Chris! Best of luck! The only tip that I can give you is not to rush. I personally think that it's better to submit a few days later - you are not submitting for a viva after all! - but take time to build the argument appropriately and check the sources. At least, this is what I do. I am sure that you will do fine!


good luck! i wish i had your enthusiasm. i find the whole revising stage quite painful. it is a never ending process. and it makes me realise that i am not cut for academia. so get distracted by other possibilities for a career change...then because of the distraction, produce something not great...so goes the vicious circle.

so in a word: focus. switch off your internet connection. don't watch TV. Just focus and your mind will produce something great.


i got this off this forum and its been a fantastic help!!!
good luck and pass it on


best of luck
keep figures crossed for u
and i suggest you use latex instead of word