Writing-up Fees & RCUK Funding


I just wondered if anyone has experience of writing-up fees on an RCUK studentship?

I am at the end of a studentship funded by EPSRC and have had to spend 2 years writing-up because I had to go and work full-time once my funding finished. My institution charges writing up fees and in total I've now been charged over £1,300 which is having a severe financial impact on me - to the point where I may need to suspend my studies.

I noticed that the RCUK T&C's for studentships states the following:

"for all EPSRC funded students, any difference between the Research Council payment level and what in institution charges should not be met by the student"


"Organisations that charge above the Research Council rate for fees may not charge the student extra for these fees"

So - my questions is simple. Is my institution even allowed to levy these fees when I've been on a scholarship? I asked the question of EPSRC and they declined to respond on the basis that I was a student and they would only deal with queries from the institution. However, the institution will always insist that the fees are due.

Any advice would be much appreciated, even if it is a pointer towards someone else who might be able to advice!


I will try to make a guess here and say that maybe your stentship was over.
So, I suppose the uni would charge you normal fees...

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The document probably also states that the studentship lasts only three years. Charging for extensions is pretty common and allegedly pays for your supervisors time and other stuff.