Writing up tips anyone?


hey... i've started writing up and sometimes i can get a lot of work done and then i can go for a month and not do much. how do you keep at it - those who are writing up and those who've submitted their thesis?


I understand, writing up is quite a difficult stage, not easy to keep going. What helped me was that I set a deadline when I want to finish and then working backwards planned all work I have to do day by day. And also planned a reward for each stage completed. So, every morning I start with the aim what I want to accoplish today, work and if I finish early, go out have fun and enjoy my reward. Also having friends who ask frequently to report what have I done helps...
Keep my fingers crossed for you as well;)


Talk to people for support, don't get too isolated. Set deadline that someone will read a chapter. I found it a knightmare to be honest and did struggle a lot to stay motivated.


That is really helpful Verdy. I think I will did what you just said. Also set the reward for each day is COOL as well.
Thanks a lot for ALL of these tips!!
and of course thanks to Jojo who raised this topic up!!
Cheer up 4 both of us!! Good luck to u and me


Oooh its Sailor Moon!


I am also writing up and running into the same problem. What I did find helpful is having a few people ask me how my writing is coming along. For some strange reason I want to go straight back to writing when they do. Unfortunately if they don't ask a thing for a few days I start slacking again. Haven't figured out what to do about it yet.


what is working for me right now is the prospect of someone else proof reading my work before i give it to my supervisor - for some reason, i feel motivated to give them something to read. hope that remains the case for a while.

thanks everyone for your tips - keep them coming - am definitely implementing your suggestions.


i agree with jojo: i have set up a timetable with an editor recently. and have to stick to it. this may sound weird but: since he is new to the 'ping pong' game of sending chapters back and forth between myself and my supervisors, i find that i value his deadlines. they come across as being 'real' deadlines from the 'real' world.


are there any cheap editors out there who do phd editing? would like to hear more about this.


jojo: about editors_ 1) did you mean editors or proofreading? Anyway from my sad experience I sugegst- take only an editor/proffreader that is recommended by someone who has used his/her services. Otherwise will be like in my case- I paid loads of money but examiners still pointed out problems with English in my MpHil thesis.