Yipeeeeeeee! I passed my viva with minor corrections


Dear All,
Just wanted to share the good news. After a very long and convoluted journey, I finally got the sweetest message, " Congratulations, Dr XXX!" Good luck to all who are in the last lap of their academic journey.

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Wow, that's fantastic Haiuri. I am very pleased for you!!! Heartiest congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! (gift)


Aw congratulations! Time to party, woohoo!


Congrations! x


Congratulations, have fun celebrating!!!


Congratulations, Dr! (up)


Thank you for your good wishes. I think I should relax but might take some time because I've got so used to the stress that I must now learn to do what comes naturally.


Congratulations (up)


Awesome news, congratulations Dr. Hairui.


Well done!

Looking forward to reading the blow-by-blow (best part of the forum if you ask me).


The external examiner asked, " How long has it been?" and I answered, " Shall I tell you a story?" I don't think they expected a story but I told them nonetheless. Here is a very truncated version:
I grabbed the Phd Studentship with both hands and lived to regret it for 8 years. During this time, I was crushed like a tin can at every supervision session for 3 years. When I started paying fees in the 4th year, I fired the supervisors only to fall into another disastrous, albeit short, relationship with a new set of supervisors. I got fired by the university on the grounds that I was a basket case. Thankfully, I found my own supervisor in another university and completed the thesis sucessfully. It was a very long and torturous journey but I made it.
So, to all of you out there who are experiencing the rite of passage, hang in there. Conviction and perseverence is most required when embarking on a Phd. Good luck guys and dolls!