You don't need a PhD to publish.


Isn't this true? To publish in a high impact journal/conference, you don't even need a PhD..:


this is indeed true - papers are typically blind reviewed,what counts is the quality of the research and how it is written up. A Ph.D will help with getting funding to actually do the research in the first place though! or a research fellow/associate job....

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Of course you can. You just have to submit and be accepted. I know a few people who've done it - whereas I've never had a journal article... In theory, you don't even need a degree.


And I thought you need to have a PhD or super smart to do it... : /


Of course you don't need a PhD to do it. I had 2 journal papers published during my part-time PhD, one in a very eminent journal. I was sole author, so all the work was on my shoulders. That's normal in humanities.

The advantage of having a PhD is you are more experienced in the process, and usually more confident, but you don't need it. Though I'd argue that you are more likely to have a successful submission the more experienced you are.

Journals often expect affiliations though. I always put myself down as independent researcher, and honorary research fellow (as I am) at my university.


No you don't. That's how some people get their PhD, PhD via publication. You have to have a degree and then a certain number of publications, although you still have to be registered with a University to get the PhD awarded so there is still some cost involved and I don't think you can get your PhD through the publication route through a university you are employed by? but I couild be wrong. Oxford University with the IfL are running CPD courses at the minute teaching education practitioners how to get published so publishing without a PhD looks like it's on the up.

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No you don't. But publishing to journal helps indirectly towards a PhD as regards learning required writing style for your thesis.

Journal Publications and Conference presentations are expected if you're a PhD Candidate anyway.

However the reality is most people don't get more than a couple of presentations and one or two papers done by the time they finish due to the time constraints involved.

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Quote From Mackem_Beefy:
Journal Publications and Conference presentations are expected if you're a PhD Candidate anyway.

Not sure how true that is in humanities. Maybe it's different in science, but I'd be careful about generalising too much.

Basically I was quite unusual in having 2 journal publications during my humanities PhD. I had co-authored papers during my (had to abandon, as illness developed) full-time science PhD. But humanities was a quite different kettle of fish.


Some high schools are affiliated to universities. The students have the opportunities to work with university professors on various projects, and publish papers in high impact journals.