2nd Master to get into a PhD


Hey guys!

I'd like to ask you if you think it's relevant to do a second master's degree to improve my curriculum to get a doctorate (Marie Curie and similar) or is it just a waste of time?



Hi, mmv92,

I am trying to understand the purpose of you doing a masters to improve your curriculum. Do you mean that you are trying to build expertise in the future PhD field or are you trying to get better results or publications to apply for the PhD because your previous one wasn't good enough?

Usually, there is not much additional value in doing a second masters. Your future supervisor may actually ask why you do this. Marie Curie is very very competitive. Can you get your masters supervisor to introduce you to a potential Marie Curie PhD supervisor and give you a pretty [email protected] good reference? Can you generate more research papers out of your masters degree or be a co-author in your supervisor's new papers? These would actually be more helpful to you than a second masters degree.