Academic CV (PhD application)


I'll likely be applying for a PhD in English literature for 2022 (I'm a non-UK student applying to UK institutions). Lately, I've started to think about what I should include in my academic CV. I know, of course, that I should include all things academic (in my case a BA, an MA, a few grad conferences).
What about non-academic experience or achievements? I already know that I should omit my TEFL (Young Learners) experience. I'm also working as a translator (from my native language to English) for a culture website and I'll have written a few articles of my own for them, as well as for a student magazine at my university.
My question is, does any of that matter as far as PhD applications are concerned? Does any non-academic stuff (like job experience or volunteer work) count towards the application at all and, if so, how do I know what's important and what isn't?