After PhD interview...


Hi All,

I had an interview in the middle of May and they promised me a result after 2-3 weeks. I got in touch with who invited me by e-mail at the end of the third week and she said it may take a few more weeks. I tried to get in touch with her again on Monday after another 3 weeks (this means this was the 6th week in contrary to the promised 2-3 weeks) and no answer came back. I wrote to several other people, who could have helped me with this, but nobody's replying.
Have any of you experienced something like this? Do you know that to do in situations like this? Should I even wait for more or move on????



Has anyone got any advice for Helra?


Hi Heltra,

Sounds really strange. Did you have the interview with the PI herself? Was the interview part of a graduate program or was it an individual application? Usually for graduate programs it takes some time but 6 weeks still seems quite long to me. I would move on. If this is really a lab that you preferred, then I'd let the new interviewers know that I am also waiting for a response from the previous interview. But I would probably just apply to better labs so that if I get accepted and then these guys respond I simply reject them and tell them that I have moved on because I don't like labs without courtesy.