Applying for a PhD programe


Hi everyone,
I am willing to apply for a Ph.D. programme for the first time and I found an advertised Ph.D. project and it is advised to make an informal enquiry about the Ph.D. to the primary supervisor before submitting the application. Is it necessary to send an informal enquiry?
how should I make an informal enquiry? should I send a message through the advertised website (with CV) or should I directly write an email to the supervisor?
Kindly advise me, please.

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Hi sew,

Sorry about the delay.
If the PhD explicitly suggest contacting the supervisor it is usually better to contact them than not. Contacting the supervisor beforehand helps you not only find out more about the PhD role but lets the supervisor get to know you before the interview.
An informal enquire would politely state that you are interested in the PhD role, explain your experience/degree and show some general enthusiasm for the project.