CV for PhD application: Including workshops from MRes? How to present MRes research experience?


Hi everyone!

I'm applying for my first PhD and I'm trying to create an awesome CV.

I've done an MRes degree, during which I attended 13 different workshops related to gaining research skills. I feel like this is good to jazz up a CV, but at the same time it's too much longwinded information and I'm questioning whether it might be a bit redundant. All workshops have to do with writing, data processing, statistical analysis, time management and promoting the research, so I feel it's all relevant.

Also, how should I present my research experience from my MRes project? Bulletpoints? Description? I've already mentioned the project in my education, so not sure what to include where....

Thank you all for your help!

Fishfarmer K

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While 13 workshops is really impressive, I don't think you can mention all of them. I would focus on the workshops that you think are most relevant to making you look like a well rounded candidate or are external workshops. Ie, it isn't that relevant to mention a writing workshop if you have a first on your thesis, they show the same skills. You can also probably change which workshops you mention depending on the PhD requirements.


Thank you very much for your reply, it was really helpful! I actually hadn't thought about it that way, that having a first on the thesis demonstrates writing skills in itself... :D It's probably something I should keep for the cover letter. :)

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I am glad I could help! When someone genuinely finds me useful it makes posting worth it :)