Enquiry for PhD requirement


Hi all,

I hold the MSc degree with distinction, but my bachelor degree is just 2:2 in the UK. I'm interested in a variety of university and my research interest is finance. Is it easy to take enrollment in the UK top university or QS 100 University?


It is neither easy nor difficult. Your grades are fine and you bachelor 2:2 won't affect your chances. You need a strong research proposal and to contact potential supervisors (after reading their profiles and understanding that they are suitable for your research interests). If they like your research proposal, they will set an interview for you to ask you further questions about your proposal, interests and test your knowledge. If they find you suitable, they will offer you a place.

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The distinction at masters is far more important than your bachelor's degree. I don't think it will hinder you but at the interview stage you might get asked about your bachelors degree and you will need to have a good explanation.