How long to wait for an interview


Hi guys,

So I’ve applied for the London NERC DTP and the deadline for references was last Thursday. I had my application and references all submitted in time, but I’m wondering how long I should be waiting for an invitation to interview? It’s only been a week but the website says interviews are mid-Feb and I’m starting to stress out.

Any help would be great! Thanks :)


I would expect them to give you at least two weeks notice of an interview for this type of position, since a presentation will likely be required, so you will most likely hear back by the end of Jan if you have an interview.

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I wouldn't worry about it until at least 2-3 weeks have passed. As the hiring process can be very slow sometimes due to bureaucracy.
After about a month from applying, you can email the admin team and ask for an update. Usually they are responsive and will tell you if there are delays or what is happening. I don't think there is anything you can do until then.



Thanks to both of you! :) I wasn’t sure how quickly things moved and have been stressing out, but I’ll try to ignore it for a bit and email the admin team early Feb. Thank you again