I've only gone and done it!


After a tense wait...I've got a studentship for Sept at a great University. Excited and wondering what the hell I've let myself in for all at the same time. But I'm not afraid of failure so i'll be open to giving it my best shot. Anyone else starting in Sept or waiting to hear?


Congratulations wowzers! That sounds great - and I'm feeling the same way about the hypothetical situation in which I get the one I'm just applying for now (will have interview fairly soon if shortlisted so hopefully not too long to wait to hear). It's a project I'd really like to do but at the same time lots of unknowns.

Hope you're planning to celebrate somehow - it must be a good feeling to know what you'll be doing; if you're anything like me the uncertainty can be quite stressful.


hey thats great news! congratulations wowzers
love satchi


Thanks Satchi. Imposter syndrome already in full flow ha ha.


Don't fear failure. In this climate they wouldn't give you a studentship if they didn't think you were the best candidate and would finish the research.

I had a great time during my PhD and wish I was starting it all over again!!!