Is it ok to ask 3 reference letters to the same person?


Hi! Can anyone please tell what they did if they have similar issue? I don’t have any undergrad referees so I have asked my Master’s supervisor and assistant professor and they have agreed. However, I am hesitant to ask them to write three letters as I will be applying to 3 universities. Is it too much to ask? But I don’t have any other option. What should I do?

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They would probably prefer if you asked for 3 at one time. They will copy and paste them and print them together. They know that applying for more than 1 uni is normal so won't see anything wrong.


Thanks rewt for the response. I did inform that im applying to 3 universities and that they will receive 3 separate requests but I haven’t heard from one of them. I hope my application gets all three references by the deadline.