just share my feelings


Hi all,
just want to share my feelings! coz I cant sleep well and feel anxious. I will be graduating very soon and am now in the middle of looking for potential supervisors to supervise my PhD project! I am in the field of English Studies. I have finished my research proposal and am ready to send it to professors for feedback or criticisms. Durimg my MA study, I tried my best to gain research expensive and get something published.

Fortunately, I have got one paper published in an international journal and also had a conference presentation. my second paper is under review. I also got nominated for a sholarship awarded to those with good avademic performance. My CV seems good but I am still afraid that my research proposal is not well wriiten and will receive a lot of criticisms. This would most likely give my potential professors an impression that i am not capable enough of doing research.

I have this feeling because It is my second time applying for Phd programs.My first time was a failure, with no offer given. I am so scared Because i am afraid I will get nothing in the end.

any positive things similiar to my case to share? thx



I was also extremely stressed when I applied for the PhD scholarship. My life was a mess, and I remember waking up in a panic attack. Try to keep cool.

Have you received a full scholarship? If yes, the worst is over.
You might feel that you don't have a choice (they choose you) but you do. Choose well as having a good supervisor can "make or break" the PhD. Do you have an option to work with someone you have worked with in the past?


Thanks for your reply, DrJeckyII. I do have my current supervisor. But I am going to change another field for my PhD study, so he may not be able to supervise my project again. In my department, there is another professor doing things similar to my proposed study. But I am not sure if he will be willimg to supervise my project.

Everytime I think about this stuff about admission applications, I feel uneasy! because I am afraid I will get nothing in the end! So stressed now!


Good luck with your applications, dotdottung! It's natural to feel anxious when you really want something. It sounds like you have a good CV already, so try to keep the anxiety under control and give yourself the best chance to do well :)


thanks, Chickpea. I will do my best.